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This bio is an ongoing thing; I was born in Mesa AZ and picked up the guitar at a young age – about 8. I found different ways of tuning the guitar to get the sounds I wanted and actually made up my own music. As I got older I started using standard tuning and learned how to strum and chord as well as develop my own unique picking patterns. I was also very interested in percussion; drum kits were it! I loved to play drums. I think that is why my music tends to have a lot of rhythm and percussion.

My first gig was in Long Wongs, in Tempe. I went and played on a talent night and was asked to return and play for money! What a boost to my ego. There was also a tavern called the Saw Mill, in Tempe AZ., where I also was employed as a bouncer for a short while. I auditioned there for gig at a hotel/resort the Fiesta Inn it was called, and I worked there for three months, 5-nights a week while also working a full time day job. What a killer that was; about 4 hours of sleep a day, and that was not all at once either. But I was in my mid 20s back then. I don’t think I could do that now.

On to the future: I did a lot of gigs in Kansas and Colorado, but I never really got serious about a career in music…not until now. Now I have a burning desire to make the best music ever, and to have it heard internationally. Now we have iTunes, eMusic, YouTube and loads of other venues, not to mention TAXI, the service that gets music heard by the BIG people that matter. It is a different world now than it was back in the 80s.

So here I am, setting up my studio and writing new music as well as remastering the old. I am now learning to record and mix down my own work using a DAW and some outboard gear, but I may leave the mastering to the pros – not sure who yet.

More updates soon!

Best! BG

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