Delta 1010 LT Control Panel Disappeared

There is an issue which has happened several times, where I open the Delta 1010 control panel but there is nothing there. The icon shows it as active, the task manager says it’s running, but it is nowhere to be seen.

Answer: The GUI (Graphical User Interface) for the device has moved out of focus – off of the screen. You need to re-focus the GUI window.

Step 1: Open the Delta 1010 LT interface as you normally would. You should see the icon in the tray now.

Step 2: click on the icon to select it.

Step 3: Press Alt + Space-bar. You should get a small window with some options in it. One option is Maximize; click on that and the Delta window should appear.

Step 4: Move the interface window into the center of the screen by clicking in the uppermost area of the window and dragging it. (I usually set mine to the lower right).

Step 5: Minimize the window and reopen it. It should now be visible on the screen.

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