MeHello my friend and welcome to my website. I hope you can find what you are looking for; music, inspiration, friendship or fellowship. Maybe a writing partner? Who knows?

This website is all about my first passion… well, maybe my third – the Lord, Jesus Christ and then my wonderful wife come first and second. This “3rd passion” is music, and it’s been apart of my soul since I was a small boy. I remember my first instrument; a toy violin, and how I amazed everyone by playing “Mary Had a Little Lamb” after just a few minutes with that toy – I was about 5 years old and it was the beginning.

I never did learn to play more than “Mary Had A Little Lamb,” on the violin anyway. My true musical inspiration lay elsewhere; I loved the sounds of percussion instruments… DRUMS! Kind of like the violin, I picked up a toy marching drum from my dad on one early Christmas morning and beat the hell out of it! I was so proud of that drum! I don’t think the neighbors were too impressed though; I walked up and down our street, in front of every house… up and down and back again! I am sure they all cried for joy when I finally broke through the head – many weeks later. I was hooked. The next Christmas I got a real snare drum! A few years later I awoke to a brand new electric hollow body and a really loud amplifier. Thinking back, I don’t really know if my dad was trying to make me happy or using his gifts to just really tick off the neighbors… LOL! Anyway, that’s where my music started and it’s been chained to my soul ever since.

Now, here I am, much wiser…and older. I put my music aside for almost 20 years to follow a career as a glass blower. Then, I started feeling bad – physically. I wound up having to leave my job due to an unknown illness that caused me pain 24 hours a day. After almost 7 years of doctors, testing and finally ruling out multiple sclerosis – my worst fear, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Even though it is not as bad as MS, I ended up permanently disabled since I took more time off the job then I did actually working. Then to top that off, a few years later I was diagnosed with type-2 diabetes and then a few years after that – rheumatoid arthritis! But even with the pain and with God’s help, I reconnected with my 3rd passion – music.

I got started back up in 2012 and I am going full-bore! New home studio, updated software, DAWs, tons of sounds and samples that 20 years ago would have cost tens of thousands of dollars, and bunches of thought and imagination. I let God lead the way; I give Him credit for all I do that pleases Him. And I want to please you too; I love being able to connect with someone through music and words. Seeing someone smile, laugh, or even cry and knowing I caused that emotion with my music is a reward like no other. I would say this is a reward every performing musician is familiar with and treasures.

I welcome you to follow me on My Facebook Page or Bradford’s Twitter, I have a YouTube channel coming soon – as soon as I have a few songs mastered along with video. I would sure love your support. I plan to have music out soon that can be downloaded from iTunes, CD Baby and some other sites – maybe even this website; there might be a few freebies along the way too. I am not in this to get wealthy – really, I have no plans on making any real money – that’s not the necessity, but I do have plans on becoming a real, bona fide recording artist. I have played professionally in a few places like Downtown Scottsdale, AZ.; Tempe, AZ.; Hutchinson, KS. and Even Colorado Springs, CO. Almost always perform as a single, but having sat in with bands and even having a partner guitarist for a short time, I will admit – bands rock! I love the camaraderie of musicians that want to make good music, coupling with the sweet sounds of harmony and good musical timing cannot be understated.

It was in Hutchinson Kansas that I learned I have a real talent and love of songwriting. Of course, love songs are the sweetest, but I found myself more of a balladeer. My mainstream influences were and still are Neil Diamond, yes, he is first for a reason; Gordon Lightfoot; Paul Simon and two little known bands – Chicago & The Eagles! On the Christian end, my inspirations are Amy Grant; Rich Mullins; Michael W. Smith and the band – Jars of Clay.

I have a Christian album in the works right now. I am re-recording many of my Christian songs, that I never had the opportunity to do right; the quality of old recordings is not worth the cassette tapes the music is recorded on. I did not have access to a studio or a multi track. So, they were never properly mixed or mastered. This time around however, they are going to be pristine! I can’t wait to have them heard. So, I am back at it. See you soon!

If you made it this far, here is a recording that will soon be re-recorded, remastered and released as a single and on the album. The new recording is going to be awesome. Another release to watch for is “The King’s Warriors.”

All my best,
Bradford Guy

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